Bleeding hands and different things.

Hello world, yes I know the title is a bit weird, but the bleeding hands bit will be explained later, and the different things bit is probably pretty much self-explanatory.

Well I suppose I should start by bringing whoever is reading this up to speed, considering the late of my last post….. *checks last post*

Ah yes, well…. I finished the english year, it was really fun. Got to visit the egypt exhibit at British museum, according to my friend who came with me, I looked like a mad-woman running around with my camera, and that she wouldn’t stand between me and the rosetta stone for anything. The next year I took arts and craft, that was fun. I then completed my teacher training and could call myself a full fledged teacher, about 5 minutes after receiving my diploma and dancing of joy, I went into a full fledged panic bcouse people would now expect me to be a full fledged teacher. I then moved to…. let’s call it winterfell, really cold and long winters up here, and took a year at the university studying religion. I also worked part time as a subsitute teacher, good practice. My skin had a really bad reaction to the air up here though. I have always had eczema, but after my 16th winter, it really cooled down. When I moved up here my skin got really dry, and the eczema spread to my upper body and face, it useually just attacked my hands and feet. On some fingers it got so bad that it ruined the skin several layers down, by now the skin is starting to come back to normal, but it’s still red and swollen. It got so bad that it didn’t even bleed anymore, just leaked water. So when they started bleeding again I actually got happy, because it ment that the skin was healing, hence the title.Β  After christmas I lost all interest in school and really wanted to start working, but my logical brain told it would be stupid to quit with only a half a year left. I passed my exams, but my bored brain really didn’t want to keep hold of the knowledge I read for my exams. Now I’m moving back south where I have gotten my first job, hooray.

In other news I lost my first close relative this year, as my grandfather died. My mother called me the day after my borthday and told me that she had been summoned to his nursing home by the nurses, as he was now lying on his deathbed, and that the next time she called he would be dead. I broke down while talking on the phone, and cried most of that day, and the following day when my mother called. I did manage to keep calm on the phone that time though. So I cried another day, and the following day. the next night though I had a dream, it was just my grandfather standing, but he could stand, he could breathe freely and see again, I took great comfort from that dream, and started getting better. My grandfather had been ill for years at that point, about nine years ago he was attacked by some crazy guy while walking his dog, and the nutjob took away his cane and broke his back with it, there where only splinters left of that cane. He survived that, he survived some infection that bloated up his entire ody, he survived an infection in his brain he got from some leftover wire from the time he got his skull damaged in his youth. He needed oxygen after years of smoking, coudn’t bend down because of his back, and we had been waiting for his death for at least five years. It was incredible that he lived as long as he did, he refused to let go.

On some happier news, my brother had a daughter, and I got to be the godmother. She really is a darling little thing.

On a sadder note again, I just this week learned that my aunt has an aggressive form of cancer, and that her treatment is only to try and give her som more time. This aunt lives far away, and has no contact with the family because of some argument for many years ago. She has kept some contact with my mother though, her sister. Still we had to find out through my half-brothers uncle (not related to her) up north. I don’t know her, or my cousins from her,but still. I wanna say something to them, but I have no idea what to say. I feel really sad for mother through it all, first she has to lose her dad, and now her sister is going to die, all happening within a year.

Now I just got depressed, so I’m gonna log off, maybe update in a few days. See yah.

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Long time no see

Well well, here I am again, I haven’t died if anyone wondered. I doubt anyone actually thought that though, considering I think only my closest friends actually bother reading the things I put on this page πŸ˜›

well, let’s put my (few) readers up to speed then. After we were finished in Tallinn, which was just as awesome the last week as the first. We went to the spa (still in Tallinn), and I must say that that massage was heaven, a bit uncomfortable having a stranger rub you butt cheeks though, yes they actually did that.And I don’t think I’ve ever heard so noisy cable-cars in my life…..even if this was my first time riding in one πŸ˜›

On my way to Dublin after Tallinn, I had to stop in Copenhagen, and switch plane, and I must say……that is not an airport, that’s a city O_o danm it was big, and yet I didn’t get lost *gleams proudly*, again, take that mom πŸ˜‰ (she still didn’t have much faith in my road-finding-skills). Dublin was fantastic, but I must say that they could have invested in some softer beds ( or I have to get used to some harder ones, and not the one I have at home where you sink into the mattress), my back was ruined the entire week, I walked around crunching pain pills. But the hotel did have a bathtub in the bathroom *happydance*. In Dublin I got to see my very first authentic Egyptian exhibition, and I even found an exhibition where they had reconstructed EVERYTHING that had been found inside the grave of Tutankhamun!!! I don’t think my travel companions had the heart to say no when I asked if we could go with pleading eyes. it was epic in my eyes.

On our way home, at the airport in Dublin I found a person who I really did not expect to see, a childhood friend and close friend of mine, Khalid, who had been in Dublin the exact same time as me and where going home on the exact same plane as me. Seriously, what are the odds of that actually happening? He’s my neighbour (well not now since he moved to the city) and I never see him when I’m home, but on the airport in DUBLIN, well sure there he pops up.

Well let’s see, what else… I’m studying english at the college this year, and that includes a two-week trip to York *hurray*. And me and snake are going the weekend before and spends some time in London, I am really looking forward to that, we are going to the british museum (guess what exhibition I wanna see πŸ˜‰ ), madame Tussaud’s and lots of other cool things. Me and snake finally finished booking tickets and hotel, so now we just have to wait until the end of september comes, I can hardly wait =D

Lets see, what else other than that….. I got hit by a car for the first time, and my bike got pretty messed up, so he (the driver) bought me a new one, so something good came out of it πŸ™‚ My knee got a bit worse after the hit though, probably time to contact the doctor, and my friends finally had right in that one day I was gonna hurt myself for biking so fast (although I was biking at the walking path at the time) and are threatening me with wrapping me in bubble wrap before I leave home. I found the experience quite interesting as I have always wondered how it felt to get hit by a car, that was actually also my last thought before being rammed down : “Oh crap…I’ve always wondered how it feels getting hit by a car…*crash*”

It feels good to be back at school and my “apartment”, I’ve missed living on my own, and I’ve missed the people who were on “the right side on the Hell tunnel”. Well I think that’s about it, the most memorable things that have happened after Tallinn at least πŸ˜› I’m gonna end this post by continuing on the 30# topic challenge that I started:

#5. Your favorite song at the moment.

That would have to be “Auld Lang Syne”, preferably sung by Dougie Maclean. I just can’t seem to get enough of that song these days.

Well then, until next time. Love, light and blessed be.

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Well, finally the day came. My long awaited trip to tallinn, even though it’s technically a school trip. The weather here could have been better, but it’s not raining, and today the weather was fantastic, with sun and warmth. The hotel is really nice and he beds are okay, but I still think my own is better. And we have a bathtub, hurray *happydance*, yes i actually was this excited about it.

At the school we get to observe a lot of interesting things, both school related and hobby related. this week we got to join the schools art-club, that was really fun. and I got to paint with oil colours for the first time, and I’m never going back to other types of paint. Now the question comes down how I’m gonna fit my painting into by suitcase…..

Today me and munchkin went sighseeing and saw all the things one should see in tallinn, and saved some for tomorow as well. and we also made spa reservations for tomorrow, because people say that estonian spa’s are some of the best in the world.

On a very happy note, we haven’t gotten lost even once, and it’s areally big city……so take that mom (she didn’t have much faith in us)

So so far, Tallinn is great and I’ll probably be sad to be leaving in a week, better enjoy it while I can =D

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It’s back.

Yes…the terrible winter has once again reared it’s ugly head and has maked it all white again, lucky for us, the spring didn’t wanna have anything of that, and the next days it’s reported that i’s gonna be sunny and warm + lots of rain. I’m not as exited about the rain, but hey, it it’s gonna get rid of the snow then bring it on. Anyway, each time I look out the window for the moment, I can see more and more patches where the snow is melting and the asfalt is showing up again. It’s starting to look like a dalmatian out there……*happydance*.

Later tonight we are all getting together to celebrate Badgers 22’nd birthday and I’m really looking forward to it, we’re gonna watch lord of the ring and drink everytime frodo looks into the camera and is sad, but if it’s gonna be anything like last time we did this, we’re gonna end up drinking everytime a hobbit comes into the frame, boy did we have fun that night πŸ˜€ Afterwards we’re probably gonna go out, so it’s a good thing the snow is disseapearing, because I can barely walk in heels when it’s dry out. I’m also finishing up on the “card” I’m making her, since her present doesn’t get her until next week, she’ll have to settle for the “card” for now. I’ll put it in this post tomorow, so she won’t see it until tonight πŸ™‚

It's a drawing of Badger =D made by me

It's a drawing of Badger =D made by me

I had a strange thought at work this other day that I would like to share with you, women at last found it annoying to shave everyday to keep the hairs away and started to wax. Men constantly complain about having to shave every day, why don’t they just do the same? Sure in the beginning it would be seen as gay, but after a while, wouldn’t most men see it as more practical? I mean, I would go insane if I had to shave my face every day.

Last night my inner nerd came out again, I had actually planned on staying in last night, make taco and maybe watch a movie, perhaps go over to the neighbour house while animablu and Star (she got that name because I can no longer see stars without thinking about her star ear-rings) was watching a horror movie and just stand in the window until they noticed me and freaked out (yes I enjoy doing that on a regular basis, mwohahaha). I actually did that last one when I came home. anyhow, Jasnette, Luinriel, Badger and a friend of them had planned on playing Arkham horror last night, and even though I had been saying no that entire day, suddenly there was a car outside my house with three of them in it, and my inner nerd just wasn’t strong enough. On good news, Azatooth did not get to devour the world, since we killed enough monsters to win the game, yay us.

30 topic cahallenge #4 : Name 10 things that are great about the opposite sex.

1. They have this ability to make you feel safe

2. They are a fresh breeze when you’re tired of talking to girls

3. They have a completely different point of view

4. They can make you feel special

5. They can make you feel desirable

6. They can give you butterflies in your stomach

7. They can do theese spontanious things that makes you weak in the knees

8. They are adorable

9. You get happy when you think of them, espescially if you think about some you really like

10. They do theese stupid and cheesy thing that just has to make you smile or laugh

Now I know that many of theese things also can be related to someone of your own gender, but theese are a few of the things that I like about the opposite sex.

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Well, today it oficially became spring in my eyes, today was the first day this year that I took out my bike and used it to get to school. And when I get out my bike, the it’s spring, never mind the fact that it’s 0,7 degrees outside and the water is freezing over, spring is spring.Β  And in honor of spring, my strange disease popped out again. I went on a cleaning frenzy. I don’t think my bookcase has been so clean in a really long time, and the books are no longer threatening with falling down because I’m a bit too hopeful and artistic when I try to make room for even more books.

Well last night I was up really late working on the math assignment of doom, and are therefor a tiny bit tired today, and wouldn’t want anything more than to go to bed early and sleep until the sandman runs out of sand. Unfortuanly there is one thing that is stopping me in lying down in my bed with fresh sheats………. it’s full of clothes that is drying. Because I was cleaning everything else, I also washed my clothes, and after three and a half HOUR in the dryer (it usually takes that amount of time to get done) I finally go down to get my clothes, only to discover that our useless dryer has left my clothes even more wet than they where when I put them in. And since I didn’t bother to spend another three hours trying to get the clothes dry, I figured I’d just hang them up and around my room, because seriously, how long could it possibly take. Oh how i regret those words now.

Well well, lets get over to something a bit more amusing shall we, you guessed correctly, it’s the 30 topic challenge, and todays topic is….*drum roll*…#3: Name 5 things that make you laugh.

1. Myself laughing, because this makes everyone laugh and then I just laugh even more. I tell you, it’s an evil circle…and yes, I have a strange laugh.

2. The master ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham.

3. Stand up comedy.

4. The comedian Michael Macentyre.

5. Everything possible between heaven and earth IF I have been drinking coca cola.

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Math assignment.

Dam dam dam daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam *low tone and dark feeling to it* It’s baaaaaaaaack, the math assignment of DOOM. Me, Jasnette, Animablu and Munchkin are gathered at our school, ON OUR DAY OFF, and we’re having a reeeeeeeeeeeeal blast…..

Actually we’re having fun, poking each other, laughing, tickling….doing everything we weren’t suppossed to do =D And the math…….well Animablu is really gotten off to a good start at least, the rest of us…………!

And as for topic number #2 on my challenge: One thing you really want right now.

Well, seeing as it’s march and it’s pouring down outside, luckily it’s no snow or ice in sight, very strange considering it’s march and I live in Norway. I would have to say that the one thing I would like right now would be for it to become april. Because in april we’re done with our assignments of doom from various classes, and in april I will be travelling to Tallinn and later to Dublin, and that is something I have been looking forward to for a long time.


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Well well, we meet again. Well, I’m gonna start on my 30 topic challenge, topic #1. 15 facts about yourself + a picture.

1. I am from Norway

2. My name is almost impossible to pronounce outside of Scandinavia

3. I have 3 brothers

4. My family runs a kennel

5. I am gonna be a teacher

6. I love Egypt

7. My number one favorite thing about summer is the dry asphalt

8. I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews

9. I love books, music and movies

10. I like to draw

11. I have ruined both of my knees, one on the ice and one during sports

12. I love to walk in the forest, or in the nature generally

13. I love to sing

14. I love to travel

15. My biggest fear is to be forgotten

On a completely other note, Jasnette wrote in her blog a little while ago something that made think a bit. She asked what she would say and do is she could go ten years back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with herself. So I wondered, what would I say? Perhaps to just take up the courage a hit that jerk right in the face, he deserved it. No probably not. well lets see, ten years ago I would be 11 and in the sixth grade. hmm, I would probably say that after this everything would get better, more friends at my next school, that I would love high school and make lots of friends. That I would find my goal for my life and that I would be happy. All the hardships where worth it and that I today actually are glad that they where there, because they made me the person that I am today. I would also tell myself to turn to the books or a white sheet of paper when I felt lonely, sing more often and changeΒ  wardrobe, seriously…what where you/we/me thinking? But maybe the most important thing I would say was to just be happy, everything always works out. Oh and maybe I would tell myself to don’t start handball, it will only cause you pain…much, much, much pain. perhaps advise myself to take up swimming instead. I probably would have used up my five minutes long time ago, but if I talked really fast maybe I would have made it. There are so much more I would like to have sai, but I think that’s the most important, just ignore what everyone else says, you’ll find a greater purpose and joy of life than they ever will, and that truly is the greatest revenge.

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